OH & S




Narsa ensures that all services are carried out to the highest industry standard, in a safe and satisfactory manner. Narsa ensures that all operations are carried out in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985.

Operators, labourers and pipe layers undergo an internal safety induction program. This induction program familiarises personnel with the correct and safe operation of all machinery correct maintenance procedures and emergency situations.

Occupational Health and Safety risk assessments have been carried out on all machinery. The Operations and Maintenance Manual contains specific sections on personnel safety and hazard identification risk control.  This manual is to be read in conjunction with Narsa Safety Procedures Manual.  Copies of these manuals can be provided upon request.

All Narsa vehicles and machinery are equipped with fire protection equipment.  In the unlikely event that any practice or equipment becomes or is expected to become dangerous or unsafe; the practice will immediately cease and/or the equipment will immediately discontinue to be used.  The decision to cease or discontinue is made by the Narsa on site supervisor.

Narsa operational staffs are provided with mobile telephones to allow them to contact Narsa depot or emergency services if required.